Everything we do is rooted in cultivating self expression. 

We strive to inspire good habits and lifestyles for the body & mind. Our pieces are beautiful, functional and mindfully designed. We make great products that make you feel good and improve the lives of others.

The term Habitu stems from the concept of the habitus. Our habitus is our individuality as it’s shaped by our environment, culture and social interactions. These elements around us are what collectively defines our unique selves and the way we view the world. 

We believe in shaping your own future. The possibilities are endless and it starts with a good habit.



844 million people - 1 in 9 - lack access to water. 

Water, sanitation and hygiene related disease kills nearly 1 million people each year.

We are supporting Water.org to change this. Water is the way to protect and save lives. To break the cycle of poverty and to make a bright future possible for all.

A portion of every Habitu product sold goes towards Water.org to help families around the world get access to safe water and sanitation. 

Every purchase helps to make a difference. You can also donate online here.