Why the new green iPhone was the most 'forward' part of Apple's latest announcement

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For the last few years, we’ve been given two different ‘classes’ of the iPhone model: the cheaper one, and the not-so-cheaper one.

The iPhone SE, iPhone XR, and iPhone 11. All of these were part of the cheaper offering from Apple over the last few versions of the iPhone. While the internal guts of these phones were inferior to their more expensive counterparts, there was also one other important difference: colour.

The less expensive phones tend to be, let's just say, more ‘colourful’. Literally, the cheaper phones had more colour options. This was definitely a brand play, for Apple to have their flagship devices appear more luxurious while having their cheaper accessories look like more of a fun, playful, and inexpensive device.

The more expensive devices were always stuck with tones that are synonymous with luxury. Blacks (remember the jet black of the iPhone 7), golds, and silvers. These were all safe options, and probably ones that made immediate sense in the eyes of the consumer when they thought of a luxury product.

Then, Apple hit us with this gem… The iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max in Midnight Green.

Image from Apple

Mind you, the other colours that this phone comes in are in-line with the traditional look of luxury. Gold, Space Grey, and Silver. However, the green is what is really pushing the envelope.

When did green become luxury? Did it become luxury at all? Where do I know this colour from?

This is my (Josh, the author) personal favourite colour, even before the iPhone was announced. I personally associate the colour with nature, money, and some of my favourite cars which come in this colour (looking at you, Land Rover Defender).

But, instead of just taking my word for why it's such a great colour, I figure I show you some real-life examples of why this colour is leaking luxury vibes.

All photos from Pinterest

Mind you, you could probably make a case as to why any colour could be considered a luxury, given the right hue, brand, and context. However, Apple has somehow decided that Midnight Green is the Pantone choice for this year’s flagship phone. On top of that, whenever Apple makes a design choice, it sticks.

That being said…

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