Square iPhone Cases, Really?

Yes really.

We had no idea how incredible the response would be from our influencers and ambassadors here at Habitu Co., but the answers are clear.

We have a cute little collection known as the SQUBE, which is a fun square take on a regular ol’ iPhone case.

Keep in mind, these are intertwined with the rest of our incredible iPhone cases, and yet they are a fan favourite!

But, why?

While we haven’t conducted a formal survey on why people are opting for a square take on the classic phone case, we think we have a pretty good idea.

iPhone cases are ubiquitous in society nowadays. They are everywhere. We believe that our fans are wanting something different, to stand out from the crowd. Just like anything else fashion-related, people either stay safe or go completely left field and try to stand out.

These cases cater to the people that want to stand out.

Without effort, these are a conversation starter.

So, be different and stand out!

We encourage all of our fans to be different, and trying something new!

Start with something small, like a SQUBE, and work your way up from there!

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