Phone cases: The hot new accessory

Ever since the beginning of fashion, accessories have been the ‘cherry-on-top’ to pull together an outfit and tell a story of confidence, curation, and care towards one’s style.

What we know as classic accessories are forever and timeless. Watches, bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings, scarves, glasses, headbands, etc. These add-ons will never die.

However, we have a new player in the accessory space that will not be going away any time soon:

Phone Cases.

Everlast Pressed Flower Case in Rosie Punch

As we know, smartphones are ubiquitous in our culture. When we leave the house, our mental checklist includes the following 3 items:

“Wallet, Keys, Phone.”

At first, phone cases were born out of the need to protect our mobile devices. In the early days of the iPhone and others, fashion was not on the radar when it came to choosing a phone case. We wanted Otter Box, and if they had more than just black, great. Otherwise, there wasn’t much care.

Fast forward a few years, and we have entered a culture in which the phones themselves give off a perceived social status and a level of hip-ness to the person holding the device. This was the new way to ‘stand out’ from your friends in the crowd.

More recently (say, the last few years), we are living in a time where everyone has the same couple of phones that are on the market. Meaning that consumers are in need of a new and fresh way to make themselves appear different than the rest.

This is why phone cases matter.

Elements Marble Case in Arabescato

Rewind… Let’s look at a classic example with the watch.

Arguably, all watches have the same single function: to tell time. But, you will still be able to tell the difference between someone wearing a scratched up digital watch and someone wearing a shiny new Rolex. This makes all the difference when it comes to an outfit.

KEEP IN MIND: we aren’t suggesting that price and prestige will make you a better-looking individual, or result in a more fashionable outfit. We are simply pointing out that good quality, well-crafted accessories go a long way in completing an outfit and making it pop.

In fact, brands such as Habitu Co. are founded on the principle of affordable accessories that are beautiful, functional, and have a high level of craftsmanship.

The perfect compromise.

With phone cases,

there are infinite choices. With the low price tag and easy ‘swapability’, you can curate your phone case on a daily or activity basis.

Going on for a night out on the town? Maybe a 2-in-1 black vegan-leather phone case and wristlet might be a smart and chic choice.

Travelling to Cali to see the next Coachella set? How about a pressed-flower case that screams fun, fashionable, and super unique?

Spend too much time in urban downtown coffee shops and need a phone case that describes your lifestyle? How about a marble case?

Venus 2-in-1 Wristlet Folio in Mint

As you can tell, phone cases are the next most important accessory when it comes to making your appearance and presence pop.

So, next time you leave the house without thinking about the effect that your phone case has on your OOTD, think twice!

Phone cases can make or break the fit.

Just the same way you think about jewelry working with your clothes, a good case can profoundly change your outfit from regular #OOTD to #OutfitGoals.


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