iPhone 11 (the colourful one): A fashion brand's take

Apple has once again graced us with another selection of fresh colours for their entry-level iPhone model, the new iPhone 11.

Sure, the camera and all the guts on the inside are impressive, but what we care about the most are the colours. This time, we have 6 new tones to choose from. A black, green, yellow, purple, red, and white.

So, lets what you through how we would personally style each of these colours.

Photo from Apple


Of course, when we thought about the black colour of the iPhone 11, we thought Business Chic.

If you’re someone who spends a lot of time at the office in a downtown setting, or you simply have a lot of black denim and suit jackets in your wardrobe, then the black colorway of the new iPhone might be for you.

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This colour is in. We at Habitu Co. are so happy that Apple chose a green tone for both their new iPhone 11 and the 11 Pro. Spoiler, we are a bit more partial to the Forest Green on the pro models ;) But, since this article is focused on the 11, let's draw our attention to the lighter, mint green palette that Apple has chosen for us.

In our opinion, this is a spring/warm weather vibe. Mind you, we aren’t the colour police, and of course, you’re allowed to wear any colour at any time of the year.

This colour would look great with a matching top, and some casual bottoms. See below for our inspo on this.

Left photo from here, Right photo from here


Yellow is probably considered the most popular and relatable soft pastel tone. Sure, some might argue that pink is an easier go-to, but let's be honest, yellow is much easier to style.

Luckily for you, the yellow that Apple has chosen is a fun one. Not too powerful, not too soft, just the right amount of fun.

Style it with some regular wash jeans, and you’ve got yourself a Spring ready fit.

Left photo from here, Right photo from here


Probably the hardest colour to style easily. Purple has always been a challenge for everyone from designers to brands to consumers. Unless you’re part of grandma’s purple hat ladies club, you better listen up.

If you’re going this route, you either a) love the colour purple and just need the matching phone, or b) own a pair of purple pants/top. If you’re in the second bucket, then here are a couple of inspo outfits for you to gaze over.

Note: Look at how these outfits keep the tops basic & neutral and go full throttle with the bottoms.

Left photo from here, Right photo from here


We promise we won't make you buy a pair of Christian Louboutin's for this one. Those are a bit out of our price range as well ;)

Red is a power colour. Loud, yes, but if done right can be a great addition to any fit. Look at a good lipstick.

Dress it up for a formal dinner in the city, or dress it down (but still chic) for a night at the club.

Above all else, the red iPhone 11 is a great choice because of the Product(RED) contributions that Apple makes to help the fight against HIV/Aids.

Left photo from here, Right photo from here


Last but not least, white. In fact, white is our colour of choice when it comes to the iPhone 11. It is timeless, simple, elegant, effortless, and carefree.

Style it with almost anything and you can’t lose. Whether the outfit calls for something as simple as a white tee, or something as sophisticated as a white dress, white has your back.

Left photo from here, Right photo from here

Still can’t decide? We have a solution…

Buy a case! At Habitu Co, we have a whole collection of brand new iPhone 11 cases. Our accessories are thoughtful, beautiful, and of course affordable.

Instead of committing to one phone colour, why not continue to pick up a fresh case for your new iPhone, and have infinite options!

Best of all, we donate a portion of every case sale to water.org, to help provide access to fresh clean water to people all around the world.

With love, Habitu Co.

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